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Phone Sex FAQ and all Your Questions Answered!

Who will answer when I call?
First you'll get a brief recording that explains the rates and billing name, but don't worry; it's not one of those cheesy phone sex recordings. Our live Receptionist will then answer your call and answer any questions about our rates. Then she will collect your credit card information personally for our verification process. Once your information is all verified then we will run down a list to you of girls we have available. And we've got ALL types, we are sure to find a girl to suit you. The receptionist will then directly connect you to the girl of your dirtiest dreams.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover by phone, and the charge will appear discretely on your statement as PSBAssociates. We also accept alternate forms of payment options. Click here for more info. We do not accept calling cards, and we cannot charge your phone bill or call you back collect.

What is Your Verification Process?
Our Verification process is thorough and will take a few minutes for all new clients. We take extra steps than most other phone sex services do to protect our clients and ourselves against fraud. This may seem daunting if you've used more inexperienced services or independent girls in the past. We've been in business since 1995, and one of the many reasons is our fraud prevention methods.

What's the Difference Between an Authorization and a Charge?
Once your CC is "verified" we will run an authorization for your credit card to make sure you have funs available for the call. This is NOT an actual charge, it is a "Hold" that will allow us to properly bill you once your call has ended.

Why Do I Have More Than One Charge on My Statement?
If your call goes longer then what we authorized you for, we will simply run another one without interrupting your call. You do not have to "stop in the middle to add funds to your account". This may cause you to have more than one charge on your statement, but together they will add up to one single call. You are still welcome to call us back to ask about this.

Can I Put a Time Limit on My Call to Control What I Spend?
Absolutely yes. It's of course up to you to watch your own time and what you spend, but if you tell the Receptionist that you only want to spend $40 for instance, we can set that limit to your call. Now the only disadvantage to this is that the call will just disconnect you without a warning message, so you want to be sure to "time out" your fantasy within that limit. When your call is cut off you can either reconnect to the Receptionist to buy more time, or simply disconnect the call.

Do You Accept Prepaid Credit Cards?
Prepaid Credit Cards are not acceptable without a way to verify your identity. We either need to verify a regular credit card account or your prepaid provider must include your full name listed on your account so that we can legally prove you are over the age of 18. A prepaid credit card purchased at Walmart is not acceptable because anyone of any age can obtain them. We legally will verify your age and identity before you can do a call. Once we verify your info you can use as many prepaid cards as you'd like at any time.

What Kinds of Girls Do You Have?
We have ALL kinds. Our girls all work from their homes and they live all across the United States. Our ladies vary in age, voice, personality, and even style. You can talk to a girl anywhere from 18 years old fresh out of high school to a Granny over 60. Please take a look around the site, check out all the pages, see what you like… or crave.

Can I Sample the Girl's Voices?
No, we're sorry you cannot. We have such a wide variety of girls working for us, getting voice samples set up for each one would be daunting, time consuming, and utilize too much space on our servers. What you can do is simply describe to the Receptionist what you are looking for. We have girls all over the USA, their ages vary and they all have different types of "voices"….so if we know what you are looking for, we'll help you make a better choice.

Can I do a call with the Receptionist?
No sorry - our receptionists do not do calls. They are just going to take your credit card information, verify your card, and then connect you to a girl of your choice.... in her own home, or else they can have a girl call you back... Our receptionists are like secretaries, and they take care of the billing so our girls can just focus on having a good time with you.

Are there any tricks or gimmicks involved?
Absolutely not! We are an intimate company but we have been in business since 1995. We have a healthy attitude toward phone sex and an even better business ethic. There are no connections fees, no tricks, no fine print, and we have several quality ladies that you can speak to personally. We use a totally secure server to process your billing and any details that we keep are stored securely.

If I elect to have the girl call me back, will that call show up on my phone bill?
Never! We don't want anyone to find out about "our dirty little secret". That's why we have gone to the expense of getting a special phone transfer system. We can directly connect you to the girl of your choice, in her home. The only time you will get a call back is if you specifically request one. If you are using a regular old fashioned Land Line then nothing is going to show up on your phone bill. (Please note: cell phone carriers with itemized bills are obviously going to show a non-anonymous number. Please use common sense if someone else sees your cell phone bill!) The only time you will get a call back is if you specifically request one.

What if I have a question about my bill or want to contact customer service?
If you have a question or need to contact customer service, please call us right a way or send an email to the manager. Mistakes can and do happen, but we will immediately correct any errors we have made. We can usually get back to you with in 24 hours or less, and we work hard to resolve any issues that do arise.

Are There Any Restrictions or Taboos?
This is the real beauty of our service! Because we speak with you from our homes, this is a private conversation between consenting adults, therefore we have no restrictions on what you can discuss! We promote and believe that all is fair in fantasyland! Some services cannot talk about certain "taboo" subjects or have a strict Terms of Service, sometimes independent operators won't discuss specific topics…..but with us you can feel free to explore your wildest fantasies and get as kinky as you want! We have such a variety of girls that you'll get to pick and choose who you want to "get" extreme with!

Will I get any mailings or unsolicited calls from your service?
Absolutely not! We want you to keep cumming back for more, not get you in trouble with your special someone or invade your personal life! We will never mail you anything and never call you unless you call us first. We know how to be discreet - it is part of our business to make sure you have no worries!

Do You Have a Policy on Cell Phones?
We have a Cell Phone Policy for all callers using our service, since cell phones are not reliable connections and often drop calls. Should you choose to use a cell phone to place a call with our service we will only reconnect you once without any additional fees. The Receptionist will explain the cell phone policy to you, and keep a dated report that says you understood. Dropped calls after you have been explained the policy will result in you paying the minimum fee for each reconnection. Use a cell phone at your own risk, we are not responsible for bad reception or dropped calls. We do not recommend or suggest anyone use a cell phone to call any phone sex service.

What If I Have a Complaint?
We take all feedback from our clients very seriously, both the good and the bad. Please call the Receptionist and report any problems or send an email to the manager by clicking Here right away.

I Can't See Your Live Indicators
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